Feasibility Studies

The purpose of the feasibility study is to verify and validate the technical feasibility of a proposed structure. The study can focus on the validation of a previously decided concept or method or on the identification of various possible concepts or methods depending on the objective of the work.

  • Inspection of the existing structure during reflection
  • Structural compliance report
  • Consulting services
  • Evaluation of the client’s problem and analysis of the challenges
  • Expert advice

Pre-project Conceptual Studies

These pre-project conceptual studies allow clients, architects and other stakeholders to validate, before the preparation of drawings and quotes, the concepts envisaged for a new construction, a transformation or an expansion. It is often a question of validating the concept of the planned works, but also of proposing others in order to determine the most efficient concepts as well from the point of view of the constructability as from the economic point of view of the envisaged works and to establish the preliminary design and the pre-sizing. Design variants of the project with various solutions, techniques, and technologies, compare them and select the most suitable ones to optimize the realization of the project (so that the project respects the technical and economic requirements of the client while minimizing the energy consumption and the impact on the environment.

Drawings and Quotes

Development of drawings and quotes required to obtain permits and for tenders and bids and the delivery of final drawings and quotes for construction. All of this for a wide variety of building structures of various uses and vocations, including additions or transformations, and also for more specialized structural works required for civil engineering works or the development of parks or urban spaces.

Services During Construction

Our services during construction allow our clients to ensure that the drawings and quotes are properly understood on the construction site and that the work carried out is in conformity with the rawings and quotes we have prepared. Our services may involve the follow-up of this work through construction site verification visits, the production of visit reports, the verification of certain documents such as drawings, payment requests, the resolution of problems encountered and the follow-up of modifications required due to construction site conditions or requested during construction. Exceptionally, these services may involve the full-time presence of a member of our staff on site for a more exhaustive and complete follow-up.

  • Supervision of the works (site monitoring, construction monitoring, etc.)
  • Inspection of field work
  • Intervention if there are modifications to the work to identify the different possible solutions and their impacts on the project. Design of new structures, calculations of new dimensions, etc.
  • Follow-up of changes made during construction

Cost Estimates

These estimates are primarily used to determine generally whether the budget envelope is sufficient or to assist in selecting a design among various alternatives.

Consulting Services

Structural engineering consulting services for various special situations.

Characterization or Upgrading of Existing Structures

These services determine the current condition of a building structure to determine general conditions, structural capabilities and retrofit needs. The characterizations can be incorporated into planning reports for interventions required or planned for future years (immediately or in 5, 10 or 15 years). These characterizations are also often the starting point for planning the redevelopment or transformation of an existing building.

Technical and Legal Assistance and Expertise

The expertise acquired by our firm allows us to assist our clients in carrying out expert appraisals or technical counter-appraisals related to structures, which are sometimes required in the event of disagreements or disagreements between various parties or in the event of structural failures and which may be necessary in the context of legal action. Expert witness services are also available to the court.

Functional and Technical Programs (FTP)

Our accumulated experience and expertise allow us to be involved in the preparation of Functional and Technical Programs which mainly consist of the production of a general document prepared by a team of professionals representing the main disciplines involved in the implementation of a specific project. This document describes the project with the needs and expectations in addition to the technical and functional requirements. This general document is then used by a client to solicit builders to carry out the project in question, most often in design-built mode. These FTPs cover a wide range of projects such as arenas, amphitheaters, museums, urban structures and others.


All our projects of drawings and quotes of new structures can be realized with the 3D drawing software REVIT linked to the BIM environment to facilitate the coordination of all disciplines.

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